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We are all about Healing the Energy in your Home!

We like to think of our business as a company that transforms sick, neglected houses into healthy happy homes. 

After the obvious physical job of clearing and cleaning we like to cleanse the atmosphere of the property also.

This can be done using a wonderful combination of incense and essential oils.

Teal Butterfly Design uses the Practices of Hygge, a Northern European lifestyle that strives to create a harmonious atmosphere, a feeling of warmth and a mood of contentment.

"We carry within us, a small warm spot, the idea of home. Home as a safe place, a loving space and a creative place. A place of comfort and privacy. A place where we can explore our inner life."


Reasons to have your home's energy cleansed:


  • Buying or renting a new home or business

  • Selling a home

  • Atmosphere feeling heavy due to trauma, illness, shock etc.


  • Improves productivity & sleep

  • When something just feels "off" when you enter your home or office

  • Build-up of electromagnetic pollution from wireless devices

  • Occurrences that have left a “bad vibe”

  • Unexplained mood shifts, fatigue, or physical pain

  • Animals who act out of sorts

  • Old structures or land with an interesting history

  • Desire to bring new vitality to a space

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