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Barbra Gerhard - Columbus, North Carolina

Jul 25, 2018


My life had become so depressing just to live in my home. I would never have thought of letting another person come in and see how I was living. I was terrified! If you see this review, it may alleviate some fear and provide some hope which I had lost long before I met Jo. I literally couldn't sleep the day before she came; I was so embarrassed!!! I think she may be a secretive therapist also. Besides easing my fears, being kind, caring and the nicest person I have met lately, she truly provides the exact affirmations I need at that moment. She's sincere, respectful and works so hard and diligent even when you don't know how to start or where to begin. One day we talked about what I thought I wanted or didn't want and then I was asked to go in the other room and do something for me. Nap, read, run errands or anything at all while she worked. When it what time for the unveiling, I cried like a happy baby! So PERFECT!!!! Gorgeous!!!! My review is for the person who has lost themselves and has found their home and life to be exciting again. Do something for you, and let Jo help you become the very best you in your very best home.

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