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My mission is to make your home your haven. I look forward to the challenge.

After owning a successful all-natural organic cleaning company for several years, I decided to pursue my passion by transitioning my focus around home organization and interior decorating design.  I am able to clear clutter, repurpose living areas, and bring life to room. I take a spiritual approach to my work as I firmly believe we are effected 100% by our environments, especially when they are detrimental to our physical and mental health. In my experience, no one EVER finds themselves in a state of chronic disorganization without experiencing some sort of trauma in their lives. The never-ending path of stress and anxiety can leave your home in total disarray. I can confidentially help you clear, organize, and redecorate your home leaving you with a more comfortable living space.  


Professional Organizing


“It is almost impossible to explain how unbelievably amazing it feels to remove the clutter from your home and life” former client


Your first step to freeing yourself of the stress home clutter and disorganization creates is by contacting a professional that can help you. I am free of judgment but instead offer a caring service you can depend upon to help you reach your goals and claim back your life.


As an experienced organizer, I can help you to:


✔️ Eliminate unnecessary  items  room by room giving you back a sense of peace and order

✔️ Better place existing furniture and décor

✔️ Recommend recycling, donation or resale options

✔️ Follow up with organizing methods


Business Services 


We have over 18 years of experience in the areas of: 

✔️ Book Keeping

✔️ Accounts Office Manager

✔️ Due Diligence Auditor

✔️ Cost and Management Accountant 

✔️ Chartered Accountancy 



Packing & Moving Assistance


We offer a stress-free experience for busy people throughout the moving transition - from start to finish


✔️ Meticulous, Decluttering prior to packing, including donation and selling items

✔️ Supply packing materials

✔️ Itemized packing Room by Room

✔️ Estate Sale management

✔️ Downsizing to a smaller home

✔️ Managing a transition to Retirement Community

✔️ Home Clean / Stage for resale 

✔️ Unpacking and settling into your new home


Downsizing & Relocating


“There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind” C.S. Lewis


Hiring an organizer to help relocate elderly parents to life transitioning senior communities takes so much strain and stress off family members. Working in an efficient team of two the service offers:-


✔️ Decluttering, elimination of all unwanted items, redistribution to relatives

✔️ Packing and Unpacking

✔️ Transportation Moving Service if required

✔️ Donation and Auction Recommendations



Home Office & Small Business Set Up 

Every well-managed home requires a designated place for paperwork, whether it be for day to day bills, medical statements, tax information, or kids school stuff. It's a lot easier to find what you need.....when you need it, if it's in a set spot 

Jo specializes in setting up office space after an extensive career in accountancy. Stationery recommendations and system maintenance are included in this popular service! 

“Out of Clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

What can you expect from The Teal Butterfly Design Company? 


Where do I start? 

I always recommend taking advantage of my free consultations. This will give us an opportunity to discuss your needs and how my services would benefit you.  If you are ready to feel happier in your home and willing to let go of some things for a more organized and comfortable living spaces, then Teal Butterfly Design Company is exactly what you need! 

Affordable In Home Consultations Now Available~

 Jo Nelson 

Top Rated Professional Organizer & Interior Designer

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