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Our Mission is to Make your Home your Haven


What can you expect from The Teal Butterfly Design Company? 

We are an Irish family-run and operated business hired to clear clutter, re-purpose living areas, and bring your spaces back to life for you to love.

We like to take a hands on approach, working at a pace that suits each individual or family.

We firmly believe humans are effected 100% by their environments & that a healthy home energy is vital to our wellbeing.

It is our experience that no one EVER finds themselves in a state of chronic disorganization without having had experienced trauma & pain.

We are empathetic and understanding. No judgement ever.

We can confidentially help you clear, organize, and find function and comfort within your home again. 


Our Unique Organizing Packages Include the following:


✔️ Eliminating all Clutter & Trash

✔️ Donation, trash removal services, yard/garage/estate sale preparation.

✔️ Improved Room Design, space clearing, energy quality

✔️ Shopping as required


Estate Sale Preparation


We offer a stress-free experience for our sales- from start to finish


✔️ Meticulous, Decluttering & Clean prior to Sale

✔️ Donation of non value items

✔️ Itemized Professional  Estate Sale Pricing

✔️ Estate Sale Advertising

✔️ Stage & Execution of Sale


Hoarding Help

Contact us for discrete consultation and advice.




Home Office & Small Business Set Up 


Every well-managed home requires a designated place for paperwork, whether it be for day to day bills, medical statements, tax information, or kids school stuff. It's a lot easier to find what you need.....when you need it, if it's in a set spot 

Jo specializes in setting up office space after an extensive career in accountancy. Stationery recommendations and system maintenance are included in this popular service! 


Professional Organizing
Home & Business Office Organizing
Downsizing & Relocating
Hoarding Consolidation

How do You Start The Process?


We always recommend taking advantage of our free phone consultations. This will give us an opportunity to discuss your needs, concerns and expectations.  If you are ready to tackle your clutter, take the next steps to relocating, or simply feel better at home then you have found us and we cannot wait to meet you!

Joanna Nelson

Top Rated Professional Organizer

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