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The Importance of Comfort.

Having moved around a lot as a child, from place to place, different countries, many different homes, it occurred to me a long time ago that the only way I could deal with the upset it caused me was to somehow be content within my surroundings.

As a young girl I always took pride in my bedroom. Making it comfy and colorful, filled with posters and trinkets, smells and sounds that gave me feelings of happiness, something I dearly lacked. This process always brought me peace. A safe place, a refuse.

On my worst days I could come home and bury myself in my little haven,

Recharge myself by dwelling in everything

This is how I practice my work. My job is to give my clients a safe haven to love and adore within their own home.

The obstacles that currently stand in your way right now are a challenge yes, but nothing we can't combat together.

Be brave, you are worth the happiness security brings in all it's forms.

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